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Selling Your Own Home Saves You The Commission
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When you sell your own home, you're the one who ends up paying.
Selling your home on your own sounds great at first. Nail down a sign, talk to some buyers, sell the place and keep the profits for yourself. Yes, great in theory.
However, the reality is much more complicated. As a For Sale By Owner, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that your home may sell for less than you envisioned. For example, are you aware of the home repairs or property improvement projects that are worth investing in as well as those that are ill-advised when preparing your home for sale? Do you know where to market your home to generate the most buyer interest? How will you determine how much your home is worth in today's market?
Correctly pricing your home may be the most important decision a seller has to make. Price it too high and it sits. Price it too low and kiss a good portion of your equity good-bye.
REALTORS® have the expertise and access to the tools and resources to competitively price your home and the experience to recognize when it's been underbid.
Just plant a sign in the yard and wait. And wait. And wait.
For Sale By Owners take longer to sell their homes for two reasons: difficulty pricing the home and dealing with unqualified buyers.

REALTORS® price Massachusetts' properties every day. And with access to the Multiple Listing Service, industry-related Internet sites and various marketing tools, they have the ability to get your property noticed by the largest possible audience in those critical early days when your home has just been placed on the market.
When you sell on your own, you'll likely be faced with a much longer selling process, not to mention all the stress and hassles involved with selling a home as a novice. Host your own open house and you'll waste a lot of valuable time meeting potential buyers who, in fact, have no buying potential at all. A REALTOR® will list, market and stage your house in its best light to pre-qualified buyers who are accompanied to your home by the REALTOR®.
Use a REALTOR® to sell your home, and you get an experienced, real estate professional to help you sell your home for the most amount of money in the shortest time possible.
Would you sell $200,000 worth of stock for $160,000?
For most people, their home is their biggest asset. And thanks to the strength of the local housing market, homeownership has helped people gain a lot of equity in a relatively short amount of time. Never before has the value of your home been so high. So if you do decide to sell, you'll want to retain as much of that equity as possible.

Homes sold by their owners typically sell for 13-21 %* less on average than homes sold by REALTORS®. And with commissions considerably less than that, it's no surprise that nine out of 10 homeowners use a REALTOR® when selling their home* Subscribing to a strict Code of Ethics, REALTORS® always have your best interest in mind. Don't risk your biggest investment-protect it. Instead of going at it alone, call a REALTOR® at (508) 230-2448 (EagleKing Realty) when you decide to sell.
Visit www.EagleKing.com to locate an Our REALTOR8 in your area.
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Great But You'll Likely Sell It For 13% Less Than It's Worth
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